If you are an Antleope,
you know how hard it is to find anything
with a Pronghorn Antelope on it.

Well, We have a few things so far, and
we hope to be adding hats, T-Shirts, and more soon.
So check back often, or call for the latest additions!

Antelope Head Bead:
Realistically painted with INCREDIBLE detail!
This Antelope bead is approximately
1-1/2 inches tall by 5/8 of an inch wide.
Great for hanging on your staff or bead necklace! For more detail, see our "WB Animal Beads" page.

In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Just  $2.50 each!
(PLUS $ 2.00 Shipping & Handling)
Handpainted Detail on Pronghorn Antelope head ceramic bead WB animal collectible gift

Embroidered colorful 2 inch round patch Pronghorn Antelope Antelope 2" Round Patch:
The American Pronghorn Antelope is perfectly
captured on this beautiful 2" round patch.
A great gift for all your Antelope friends.
Also fits perfectly in our Thank You plaques
which hold 2" mylar stickers.

In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Only  $3.50
(PLUS $ 2.00 Shipping & Handling)

Jumbo Antelope Patch:
Another beautiful re-creation of
the Pronghorn Antelope,
this round patch is a 5-1/2" across.
Perfect for a jacket or patch blanket!

Also fits our Jumbo Thank You patch plaques
Just  $10.00 each!
(PLUS $ 3.00 Shipping & Handling)
Beautifully embroidered Pronghorn Antelope 5-1/2 inch patch WB animal mascot collectible gift

Small handpainted figurine of Pronghorn Antelope WB animal mascot collectible gift Small Antelope Figurine:
Beautifully Crafted Handpainted Figurine
is cast in poly-resin and measures
8-1/4 inches tall (including base)
by 6-3/4 inches wide.
Part of the "Gray Rock Collection",
this 3-Dimensional figurine is sure to please
your favorite Wood Badger.
In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Only  $35.95
(PLUS $ 13.00 Shipping & Handling)

Large Antelope Figurine:
This large 3-Dimensional Antelope
Majestically surveys his terrain.
Measuring 9" tall (including the base.)
and 7-3/4" wide, he is handpainted poly-resin.
Part of the "Gray Rock Collection"

In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Just  $39.95 each!
(PLUS $13.00 Shipping & Handling)
Large handpainted Antelope resin figurine WB animal mascot collectible gift

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California Residents add 7.75% Sales Tax

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More Pronghorn Antelope items coming soon.
Call or e-Mail for information on Quantity Discounts and
reduced S & H charges on multiple orders.

All prices subject to change.

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